Ultra light and durable hammocks, compact, complete and ready to use in 30 seconds, BRASOV TRAIL ADVENTURES Hammocks are ideal for outdoor lovers and for those who want to relax in the shade of the trees in their own garden.

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They are lightweight and compact hammocks, but provide the necessary comfort and are ideal for any type of outdoor activities, from an easy hike to camping or mountainbikig.

The hammocks are made of a high-quality, elastic nylon that provides comfortable body support without pressure points.

It is thin, lightweight but durable enough to support a weight of 120kg. It is equipped with 2X5 m of lightweight cords that are friction and wear resistant.

Packaged in the bag attached to it together with the anchor strings it occupies a small space, it is easy to carry in the backpack or in your hand.

Packed together with the 2x 5 m cords and the grip system weighs only 400g and it is very intuitive to mount in seconds.

The hammocks are manufactured our own workshop in Brasov.


Technical data:
• Warranty 1 year
• Material: nylon
• Maximum guaranteed weight: 120 Kg
• Hammock dimensions:
• Opened:
– Length: 3 meters
– Width: 1.5 meters
• Packed up:
– 400 grams
– volume 1 liter
• Accessories:
– 2 clamping hooks
– 2 anchor strings 5 meters each
– wrapping bag attached to the hammock
– how to use labels