About us

Seeing that more and more friends want to come with us on mountain bike trails, we got the idea to organize mountain biking tours.

The desire for new and the fear of an office job brought us in the position to be among the first people in Romania to organize complete mountain biking tours. After studying the relevant legislation, together with our friend Cristian Ticusan, we started Optimtour Travel Agency in Brasov, which also provides legal framework for Brasov Trail Adventures.

Slowly, with the help of friends and family, we gathered all the necessary (bicycles, helmets, gloves, mini vans, experience on the trails, etc) to provide tourists with a memorable experience in SE Transylvania. After a brainstorming session, we decided that the name “Brasov Trail Adventures” and “Transylvania is our Playground” best fits our business.

Depending on how fit and skilled the group is we choose the length and how technical the trail should be. Of course we stop to take pictures and one or more stops to refuel and re hydrate. Throughout the route learn more about the places that we have the privilege to visit, local customs, local traditions, history of the area, doing our best to respect and protect the nature for future generations.

At the end of the day we exchange pictures, smiles, facebook addresses and talk about what’s our new adventure going to be like.

Rares & Cosmin


In May 2015 Mr. Rares Petre took myself and Tony Carolan (both Irish citizens visiting Romania) on a wonderful two day trip around the beautiful …

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